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Private Jets

Conte Travel Private Jets
  • Freedom To Fly Anywhere, Anytime

  • All Fuel & Positioning Costs Included

  • A Wide Choice Of Aircraft

  • Travel Club Care with every flight

  • Ease Of Booking

  • Complete Financial Security

  • Dedicated Flight Concierge

  • Cancellation Terms With The Client In Mind

  • No Hidden Costs Or Average Rates

Carefully curated collection of Private Jets - led by safety and elegance.  Our enhanced Safety standards are across every flight - including crew vetting and jet maintenance due diligence.


Uniquely integrated with an in-house Travel Club, our private jet service is for travelers who value the luxury of convenience. Focused on comfort, safety, and efficiency, we cater to both frequent and occasional travelers. Our handpicked fleet of sophisticated, safe aircrafts ensures a superior flying experience. This service embodies the highest standards of client care and safety, tailored to each private charter request. With every journey, we aim to provide a luxurious, efficient, and secure travel experience, maintaining the essence of bespoke care and convenience for our valued guests.

Our dedication to exceptional service is unwavering, with each private charter tailored to align perfectly with your travel plans. Inflight, you'll enjoy unmatched service from our dedicated cabin crew, fine dining with cuisine tailored to your taste, and the luxurious comfort of our fleet of private jets. Every aspect of your journey is designed with your comfort and style in mind, making each flight a tranquil and elegant experience.

Fly Safe, Fly Elegant, Fly Conte

Adam - London

"Traveling for business with a family holiday at the end meant I had a lot of different requests and expectations. The Conte Club took care of everything. I knew I was travelling with a company who really listened to what I needed and went above and beyond to deliver. Since my first trip with The Conte Club I have travelled frequently and would never go back to trying to arrange it all myself.”

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