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We create travel experiences rooted in the world's most enriching cultures and culinary traditions. We believe in reaching beyond the ordinary, immersing our clients in a blend of cultures that celebrates

cultural stories, flavours, local life and heritage.

Food Journeys

Cultural Discovery Through Food

Portugal | A Food Journey

Portuguese cuisine is a rich amalgamation of its historical influences, diversity of flavours, and idyllic maritime location. Famously, it is said that only Icelanders eat more fish than the Portuguese, and renowned international chefs bow down to the rich bounty of seafood that Portugal’s Atlantic coastline offers.

Italy | A Food Journey

Italy is the land where culinary skill and pride are woven into the communal fabric of daily life - where, though varied in landscape, from the mountainous Alps to the glistening, seductive towns which dot the Mediterranean coast, each region tells a unique story through its people and flavours.

France | A Food Journey

From learning the art of the perfect pain rustique and macaron to delighting in a glass of Pastis in Provence, innumerable encounters are waiting for you in this gastronomically gifted country - Conte recommends whiling an evening away a la francais; in good food and good company.

Spain | A Food Journey

A culinary journey in Spain is an in-depth exploration of the harmonious relationship between its people, diverse communities and regions, and the gastronomic evolution that has shaped it into the vibrant food destination it is today.

Iceland | A Food Journey

Icelandic seafood is a cornerstone of this country's gastronomic excellence, owing to its pristine North Atlantic waters. In Reykjavik, the capital city sitting on the southwestern coast, you’ll find traditional dishes like Plokkfiskur, a comforting fish stew often made with cod or haddock, potatoes, onions, and béchamel sauce.

England | A Food Journey

Although perhaps best known for its capital city London, England as a culinary destination emerges as an unexpected treat; from the picturesque country landscapes to the heart of the thriving urban hubs there is much more than a simple “Sunday Roast” to be discovered.

South Africa | A Food Journey

Cape Town, with its iconic Table Mountain as a backdrop, stands as a gateway to South Africa's culinary journey. Here, a thriving food scene unfolds, seamlessly merging the city's cosmopolitan spirit with its historical roots.

North America | A Food Journey

Spanning the vast expanse from the Arctic tundras of Canada to the sun-soaked islands of the Caribbean, North America showcases a remarkable array of flavours and an incredible diversity which speaks for the people and histories of individual states and climates alike.

Japan | A Food Journey

Rewarding, culturally rich and decisively moreish, the cuisine you will experience in Japan is a gateway into understanding the people and communities who built the Japan we know today.

PA to Private Family Office, New York

“I've never experienced such a seamless vacation before. The team at Conte are three steps ahead so that all the things I usually must double check were already taken care of. The vacations they plan are beautiful and memorable from start to finish.  We will never use anyone else for our travel and private charters.”

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