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The Conte Club brand, ‘Conte’ to our Global friends, celebrates over a decade of delivering some of the most beautiful end-to-end journeys in the world. Rooted in the belief that travel fosters connection and that food serves as a celebration of a destination and its people, we have earnt a name for creating travel experiences that are the ultimate blend of culture and luxury. Our attention to detail and expert global knowledge affords us a loyal client base and a reputation for thoughtful, seamless service and inspired journeys.

It is our commitment to create the most authentic luxury journeys in the world which drives the attention to detail at the core of our boutique luxury travel agency. By celebrating the true heart of a destination through a passion for food and a belief that by gathering around to share a meal, no matter where you are in the world, we build unforgettable moments and lifelong memories for all of our guests.

Our Story

The Conte Club logo

At Conte we are more than simply a luxury travel company; here excellence of service and elegance of style are the guiding values for every trip we design. Together with an unrivaled team of passionate travel and destination experts, we design journeys which live on far longer than the end of a trip.

Travel & Food hold limitless possibilities for connection.

In discovering new places & returning to places we love.

The true luxury is found in spending our time well.

There is more that unites us than divides us.

In exploring the world with kindness and tolerance.

At Conte. We Believe...





[ kon-tay noun

Italian for 'with you',

From the French conter ] -to relate.

1. A tale of adventure

2. A short story or novella

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