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A Step into Many Worlds in One

"In the southern states, Key West and New Orleans’ iconic comfort foods including Key Lime Pie and Gumbo respectively, are deeply rooted in the aromatic spices of Cajun and Creole cuisines. "

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

North America | A Food Journey

The Seasons of North America | The Best Time to Travel

For a snowy Christmas experience, Conte would recommend the utopia of New York or Chicago - perhaps a quick multi-stop journey through both. Although many destinations are pleasurable to visit in the months of September and October, it would be best to take advantage of the cooler weather and enjoy the reduced heat while viewing the desert in Arizona, or the rugged mountain formations of Utah. Spring is perfect for the boutique nature of Charleston in North Carolina, while Austin in Texas is seeking out a new cosmopolitan identity similar to Los Angeles - so it is perfect for a relaxed trip.

Flight Time (New York to Los Angeles) - 6 hours 20 minutes

Flight Time (London to New York) - 8 hours 15 minutes

Flight Time (Singapore to New York) - 17 hours 55 minutes

Spanning the vast expanse from the Arctic tundras of Canada to the sun-soaked islands of the CaribbeanNorth America showcases a remarkable array of flavours and an incredible diversity which speaks for the people and histories of the individual states and climates alike. A collage of multiple influences lies here; from the Indigenous people who cultivated modern-day staples such as corn and beans, to the uniquely sprinkled influences of the African and European settlers which can still be found in the food created today.

In the southern states, Key West and New Orleans’ iconic comfort foods including key lime pie and gumbo respectively, are deeply rooted in the aromatic spices of Cajun and Creole cuisines. These cuisines offer an insight into the South's culinary landscape, weaving a rich fabric of history, legend, gastronomic prowess and adaptation that spans centuries. Meanwhile, in the northern country of Canada, we can see a mirror of multicultural influences, incorporating elements from Indigenous traditions, French and British cultures to tie effortlessly into their natural produce, bringing beloved ingredients like Maple Syrup to the forefront.

Across the border with Mexico, in the states of Texas and California, the close proximity has led to a gastronomic fusion described aptly by many as Tex-Mex, which borrows heavily from traditional dishes such as Empinadas and Chilli Con Carne with the addition of more familiar and preferred ingredients. Similar phenomena can be seen in the Italian-American Deep Dish Pie from Chicago or New York’s adoption of the dessert pastry Cannoli. Of course, no trip to these northern states is complete without dipping your toes into the culinary pool of Americana; Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, the New York Bagel and not to mention the traditional Biscuits and Gravy - all are delightful and poignant when tried with a mind open to their cultural significance.

Many markets, Michelin-starred restaurants and iconic foods have deep-reaching roots in this burgeoning culinary empire and are yet to be discovered. Deeply indicative of each state’s history and narrative, and touching on subjects such as immigration; food and dining culture in North America is a treasure trove of learning and indulging, which puts even the best historian’s lesson to shame. Without hesitation, Conte would recommend an exploration of this bountiful continent, which is definitively impossible to describe through words alone.

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