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DNA Journeys

Alongside Conte’s global collection of authentic journeys inspired by food, there is also our very popular  DNA Journey or Heritage Journey. Fuelled by the curiosity surrounding one's geographical origins, these trips have become a compelling journey for many individuals seeking to unravel the mysteries of their ancestry or even just explore places which make them feel at home even without a genetic connection. Conte invites you to look beyond the surface-level impressions of genetic testing, to explore the meaning of ‘home’, ‘family’ and ‘history’. Many of us carry a complex and diverse ancestry - a history which connects more widely than the places in which we or our ancestors have lived and while Conte believes that there is more that unites us than divides us, we also feel that it is our respective individuality which allow us to traverse through our own personal journeys, and in our differences we may find unity.

When we travel with the diversity of our own history in mind, when we are literally on our DNA Journey, it has never been more important to understand exactly the essence of the cultures of the places we visit. We believe this starts with food. Visiting a destination is always so much more than taking a picture for memory or ticking a box, it is an extensive immersion in the way life is lived in that destination; the culture of their religion, the everyday routines and local establishments which hold up centuries of familiar patterns and traditions. When we learn about our own history or our decided history - in the awareness of what it means to be a global citizen and how we can feel at home in cultures and countries we may not have genetic roots in, we must consider how it helps us connect with other people. As we become more open-minded we become more interested in new cultures and values, and we allow ourselves to explore travelling as a means of self-exploration and reflection; to start the conversation around what is Nature and what is Nurture and to discover the meaning of travel holding limitless potential.

In our open-mindedness we can celebrate understanding; and a deeper education of religion, values, cuisine and culture that poses a threat to prejudice and unites us in the multi-faceted warmth of celebration. From feeling a deep-seated connection to the decor of a specific hotel, or writing down recipes from a local chef to remake at home - because they just sing to your heart - we can establish our own definitions of our ancestry and set new paving stones for future generations. Luxury DNA travel comes with all of the bespoke nature of Conte’s travel services; so that no matter where your ancestry takes you, you may feel supported and guided in your journey of self-discovery.

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