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United Kingdom

Embark on a journey of discovery on a luxury holiday in the UK, a small yet vibrant nation brimming with rich gastronomic, cultural and historical experiences. With Conte as your guide, experience the best of the UK's diverse array of culinary delights from the innovative food of the most celebrated restaurants to the charming, traditional dishes of the countryside. Experience the blend of luxury and culture in every aspect of your journey.

From the elegance of classic British high tea in York’s sophisticated tearooms to the rustic charm of traditional dishes in the Welsh countryside, your journey becomes a deeply enriching, authentic experience. Enjoy reservations at the best Michelin-starred restaurants and gastropubs across the country, explore the culturally rich street food markets in London and indulge in exclusive whiskey tasting at distilleries in the Scottish Highlands. 

Tailor-made experiences lie at the core of our service. Whether it's playing golf at some of the most prestigious courses in Scotland or having front-row tickets to a West End play in London, each moment is curated for your delight. Meet with local artists for a private gallery viewing in London or embark on exclusive tours of Bath's historical landmarks. Journey beyond the ordinary into the UK's enchanting landscapes – from the rolling hills and lush countryside to the historic cobblestone streets. Discover the serene beauty of the Lake district, the idyllic charm of country houses in the Cotswolds or the storied streets of Edinburgh, rich in culture and history.

We craft journeys that epitomize luxury and comfort. From premier luxury hotels in vibrant cities to boutique hotels with luxury spas and quintessential British stately manors. Each is carefully chosen for its unique character, exceptional service and embodiment of British culture and lifestyle. Our local knowledge and exclusive destination networks enable us to create unique and memorable experiences, making every moment of your journey special and unique to you.

Your UK luxury holiday with Conte is an invitation to indulge in the extraordinary, a fusion of culture, history and luxury. 

Travel, eat and rest at your own pace, in your own style, with the confidence that we’ll show you the very best places to visit in the UK. Make contact here and together we can start curating your perfect luxury holiday in the UK.

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