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Luxury Train Journeys

Travelling by train as a method of exploration is by no means a new concept - in fact, this popular yet seemingly undiscovered method is one of the best ways to explore the most eye-catching destinations and luxurious levels of service. Leading the troupe is luxury hotelier Belmond, whose painstakingly restored art-deco carriages revive the former old-world glamour of these 1920s and 30s locomotives. Continuously ranking amongst the most luxurious travel services internationally; from their Venice-Simplon Orient Express which explores the iconic route, now adapted, through Vienna, France, and Switzerland to the Belmond Andean Explorer in South America – if there were a hallmark of travel ingenuity and unbeatable service, this would be it.

Perhaps these journeys offer a sense of history and heritage; many of the most critically acclaimed routes are part of establishments that have been running for decades. In Japan, the Seven Stars Kyushu is beautifully intimate, with only twenty guests travelling at any one time. Their curated journey leads through a more authentic, unseen side of Japan by focusing purely on an itinerary that celebrates the southwestern island of Kyushu. Similarly in South Africa, the Rovos Rail, which has been running for over 30 years offers a variety of journeys – from their classic 3-day Cape Town escapade to a longer 15-day multi-stop through Tanzania, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Angola – to name but a few destinations!

Alongside a star-studded destination itinerary, these journeys have modernised to include immersive hospitality experiences as well. Often accompanied by a glamorous dress code or strict ‘no-cell phone’ policy, you might be enticed to enjoy a detour to one of the many Champagne bars. Perhaps, an evening spent enjoying an extended meal cooked by a Michelin-starred chef in one of the beautifully decorated ‘dining cars’ is more your style, but with gourmet locations at your fingertips, it is equally as accessible to spend time in town. In the daytime, take an excursion to explore local artisanal craftsmanship in Delhi onboard the Maharajas Express, or indulge in an in-depth exploration of various whiskeys, spirits and wines on The Royal Scotsman. There is so much to be discovered, and these luxury locomotives offer the perfect travel route – with the added benefit of it all being a moments away from your carriage. 

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