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Let us show you the wonder and diverse beauty of Africa, where the extraordinary unfolds in every landscape. Engage with vibrant cultures, savour the incredible food and experience the epitome of luxury blended with local culture.

Delight in the Sahara's splendour or explore the thriving art scene in Lagos. Wander from the spice-laden markets of Marrakech to Cape Town's world-renowned gourmet scene. Enjoy cuisine prepared by celebrated chefs that embody the essence of Africa’s rich flavours or engage in interactive cooking experiences and exclusive fine dining events, where you can relish traditional tastes of Africa's modern culinary innovations.

Embark on experiences that capture the essence of Africa's wilderness and cultural richness. From safaris across the untouched landscapes of Namibia or guided tours of Egypt’s ancient wonders, to diving off the pristine coastline of the Seychelles. Each adventure offers a unique window into the heart of Africa. Traverse the majestic Victoria Falls, engage in conservation efforts with wildlife experts or sail the azure waters of the Indian Ocean on a luxury boat. 

Enjoy exquisite accommodation from the elegance of five-star hotels in the heart of the serene Sahara, to eco-luxury lodges in the lush jungle and luxury beach resorts by the crystal ocean. We pick the best places that blend luxury and comfort seamlessly with the natural environment. A Conte journey is about experiencing the true essence of each unique African destination. Relax in world-class spas, enjoy sundowners on panoramic terraces overlooking the Serengeti or sleep under the stars in a luxurious safari camp. 

Immerse yourself in Africa's rich cultural tapestry with Conte; participate in traditional ceremonies that echo through time, such as the Maasai warrior dances or the ancient Egyptian rituals along the Nile. Explore historical landmarks from the pyramids of Giza to the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. Connect with local communities, understand their daily lives, and share stories that bring you closer to the heart of Africa.

At The Conte Club, unparalleled luxury, exclusive access and exceptional service are just the beginning. Every journey is curated with seamless transfers, personalised itineraries and the finest accommodation, making your African journey an embodiment of excellence. Experience the convenience of personal drivers, the attention of a personal concierge and the comfort of staying in the continent's most exquisite lodgings. 

Travel, eat and rest at your own pace, in your own style, with the confidence that we’ll show you the very best of your Africa. Make contact here and together we can start curating your perfect journey.

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