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Venice & Modena Food Focus: Cicchetti & Gnocco Fritto

"No 3 meals"

From Spanish tapas and the traditional British high tea to the modern brunch, it is well known that not all cultures and communities ascribe to the rule of three meals a day. When on vacation, there is even more of a reason to break routine and go with the flow, and where better to adopt a leisurely attitude to dining than in the country of the famed "aperitivo", Italy. In our category of 'No 3 meals', explore the Venice & Modena Food Focus: Cichetti and Gnocco Fritto edition.

a view over the Venice canals and Duomo as the sun is setting
A zoomed in image of charcuterie, cheese slices and tomato on a wooden board

Historically, many of these small-portioned bites were made to quell the effects of alcohol; however, in our current day and age we can enjoy the aspect of leisure they bring to a day of eating, and the irresistible opportunity they offer to share a table with others. With a Conte local food guide, bar-hop in Venice while sampling on Cicchetti; fresh and delicious, these bite-sized foods have been served in the ‘bacari’ (traditional taverns of Venice) for hundreds of years.

There is a story to each and every one - from ancient traditional flavours to their modern cousins; perfect if you skip lunch and spend an afternoon meandering through the ‘City of Canals’ whilst savouring new sights and wines alike. Perhaps you might dip into the classic Aperol Spritz as a starting point of the local Italian spirits which grace the shelves of the restaurants and bars. 

Venice & Modena Food Focus: Cichetti & Gnocco Fritto

Before the Cicchetti tour, head out early and travel to Modena for a sweet Gnocco Fritto, a cloud-like pastry often consumed as breakfast food and dipped in hot milky coffee on the street-side cafes. Conte arranges everything in your Venice & Modena food focused holiday - from the early morning driver to the insider bartenders who will save you the best table overlooking the Rialto, with the occasional lapping of the acqua alta serving as a distinct memory not to be forgotten.  


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