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Global Collection-Local Knowledge

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Our experience in travel design affords our clients the very best destination knowledge and local insights to enrich and elevate their time away.  Our network of local guides and destination experts unlock hidden gems, bringing our clients into the heart of each destination. Our Conte travel concierge approach provides a personalized service which see’s the same guests return to us year on year. Whether you're exploring a bustling city, sailing on a private yacht or at a serene retreat, we are 'Con Te' - with you, ensuring a seamless and enriched travel experience.


Our approach is to offer unique perspectives and experiences that standard travel services can't match. The Conte Concierge is more than a service; it's a companion on your journey, there to assist in every aspect of your trip. With us, you gain access to the heart of each destination, from hidden culinary delights to cultural treasures, to meeting locals and experiencing a destination with a full view of it’s heritage, food and current daily life. Our global network, combined with intimate local knowledge, opens the doors to travel experiences that are beyond the ordinary.

Discover Unsung Heroes of a Destination

PA to Private Household

“We were seeking an agency who could provide regular trips for a well-known family. We have used the team at The Conte Club many times for short trips, as well as Ski and Beach vacations. We have never had a single complaint, and in fact the trips they have planned have always exceeded expectation. Their local knowledge, especially food and art are always the best anyone ever recommends. 5+ stars.”

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