The Luxury Travel Concierge

Our unrivalled elite travel concierge service offers you access to your Account Manager from the moment you book your trip. 

At The Conte Club, we are The Luxury Travel Concierge doing things differently. 


Starting from the belief that travel holds limitless possibilities, all journeys are bespoke to each client, and so is our service. Your Personal Account Manager will learn your lifestyle preferences and tailor your service to exceed your expectations every time you travel, bringing you an unparalleled Elite Travel Concierge Service from day one.


Specialising in Elite Travel Management, your Luxury Travel Concierge will support every request to ensure you enjoy a perfect journey, using our local knowledge of worldwide destinations to deliver an unrivalled blend of culture and luxury.

Before travelling, you will receive a dedicated phone number for personal support for any requests during your stay – we have phone, email, text and WhatsApp providing our very special clients 24/7 luxury travel concierge services for the duration of your journey. You will also receive access to a personalised in pocket travel app, which will hold all details and information for all your trips.

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