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A Step into Tradition & Modernity

"Further inland, the cities offer a glance into England’s adoptive spirit; with a vast blend of cultures and cuisines melting into a hot pot of innovation from London to Manchester. "

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

England | A Food Journey

The Seasons of England | The Best Time to Travel

A trip to London can be taken at any time of the year; it just depends on what you are seeking. For a glimpse of the sunlight in a less crowded environment, we recommend travelling in Spring (May - Early June), and perhaps invite you to visit the coastal towns of the Cornish riviera for a leisurely retreat. If hoping for a city break, the months of October and November are ideal for an authentic evening warming up in an English pub. Of course, why not tip the boat and explore Christmas in London; nothing is quite as magical as seeing the lighting up of Oxford Street  - and if followed by a mulled wine, it’s truly incomparable!

Flight Time (New York to London) - 7 hours

Flight Time (Rome to London) - 2 hours 40 minutes

Flight Time (Singapore to London) - 14 hours 20 minutes

Although perhaps best known for its capital city London, England as a culinary destination emerges as an unexpected treat; from the picturesque country landscapes to the heart of the thriving urban hubs there is much more than a simple Sunday roast to be discovered.

Coastal enclaves such as Cornwall and Devon offer an emblematic seafood experience, which has been enjoyed for centuries; some quote that the Victorians invented the concept of ‘staycation’ in their yearly summer retreat from London to the cleaner air of the seaside towns. Here, the Atlantic Ocean graces plates with treasures like Cornish crab and Whitstable oysters - for those seeking out the iconic Fish & Chips, a hearty trip to pastoral Yorkshire might be calling - Conte recommends a quick taste of the eponymous Yorkshire Pudding before you leave!

Further inland, the cities offer a glance into England’s adoptive spirit; with a vast blend of cultures and cuisines melting into a hot pot of innovation from London to Manchester. Contemporary English dining lives in harmony here; a stone's throw from Portobello Road, you’ll find three Michelin-starred Core next to a Polynesian cocktail bar. However, beyond the teeming city centres, England's verdant countryside and historic villages like The Cotswolds hide away a trove of culinary treasures. Famously the birthplace of many culturally iconic dishes, from Shepherd’s Pie to Beef Wellington, these rolling hills and their village accomplices have been favouring seasonal produce and game for years.

It’s clear to see how food and dining culture have become an integral part of the travel narrative in England. From the storied kitchens of historic inns to the avant-garde flair of modern-day Afternoon Tea, Conte invites the culinary explorer to savour every moment spent in this varied but delightful destination.

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