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Our Travel Club brings inspiration, flexibility and access to our Member's personal and professional lives. We create bespoke Membership packages  as one size fits all, is by definition, not a personal service. We take the time to create each and every journey to ensure the benefits of our service bring true value  to our Memerb's, their families and travelling guests. 

Trip - by - Trip

We recognise that Membership is not always what our client’s require so having on-demand luxury trips remains a high priority for us. Our Trip-by-Trip option brings a straight forward way of managing infrequent trips for some of the world’s most discerning travellers.  

Fly With Us

Jet Card Club

The Conte Club Private Jet-Plan™ is the only choice for travellers who want to access the best available rates and a preferred choice of Private Jet without a capital investment or hidden costs. Our Jet-Plan™ is the only fully curated Travel Club Membership with a Private Jet Card Program. With a focus on value, service and safety we bring a highly personalised Private Charter experience to our guests. Our Jet Card is enhanced by Travel Club Membership as standard, with flexibility, transparency and personalised service.

Fly Private On Demand 

You don't need to be a member of our Jet Card Club to Fly Private with The Conte Club. Whether you  travel infrequently or simply want to plan your flights on an ad-hoc basis we are delighted to extend the highest client care to design and deliver your private charter needs.  



Described by CondeNaste Trendwatch the best kept secret in travel, at The Conte Club we are more than simply a luxury travel company; here excellence of service and elegance of style are the guiding values for every trip we design. Together with an unrivalled team of passionate travel, private charter and lifestyle experts we design journeys to create a perfect blend of culture and luxury. 

Working with the world’s most experienced PA’s, family offices and luxury brands our members are afforded a discretion which ensures their time travelling is designed expressly with their privacy in mind. Co-Founder Rebecca Fielding heads up the handpicked global collection of the world’s best luxury hotels, private villas, Private Jets, beautiful private islands and leading wellness retreats. Complimented by an elite travel concierge team and Private Charter Division, we guarantee global VIP style and service. 




Many of our guests ask us to ensure they can travel with complete privacy and discretion. Navigating their time away without any attention or intrusion. Taking care of clients who seek a high level of privacy and security is a part of our highest-end service.


For those wishing to travel as close to invisibly as possible our  experience in managing some of the world’s most private individuals and families gained us a word-of-mouth reputation for confidentiality and  discretion at the very highest level.


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