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bespoke corporate experiences

We excel in crafting bespoke corporate experiences that perfectly blend business with pleasure. Our tailored corporate trips cater to unique business needs, from team-building activities to client entertainment and executive retreats. We prioritise meticulous planning to ensure every aspect, from luxurious accommodations to exclusive experiences, and foster a productive yet indulgent environment. Our aim is to align each trip with your corporate identity, creating an atmosphere that embodies both professionalism and luxury. ​​


Typically, for your C-Suite and Client hosting, we ensure that each corporate event exceeds expectations. We understand the nuances of corporate requirements and strive to provide an environment conducive to both work and relaxation. From selecting the ideal venue to arranging unique team activities, every detail is considered to enhance collaboration, networking, and corporate well-being. With Conte, your business events transform into memorable experiences, reflecting your company's ethos and values.

Transforming Business Travel to Memorable Experiences

Adam - London

"Traveling for business with a family holiday at the end meant I had a lot of different requests and expectations. The Conte Club took care of everything. I knew I was travelling with a company who really listened to what I needed and went above and beyond to deliver. Since my first trip with The Conte Club I have travelled frequently and would never go back to trying to arrange it all myself.”

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