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Luxury-Brand PR Trips

custom-designed experiences

We take a unique approach to curating luxury-brand PR trips. Our team blends brand knowledge and travel expertise to ensure that each PR press trip is a seamless, unique showcase for your brand or the brand you represent. We focus on creating custom-designed experiences that go beyond typical brand events, offering immersive journeys that truly elevate your brand's narrative. We manage all aspects of press travel to ensure impactful, on-brand experiences that yield remarkable results for brand directors and their products.


Our approach to luxury PR trips is to provide end-to-end management, ensuring every detail reflects the brand's essence. Working closely with PR companies, on everything from product launches to blockbuster showcases, we meticulously plan and execute trips that leave lasting impressions on long and short press leads. From the moment of departure to their return, every aspect of the trip is designed to highlight and enhance the brand story. We offer an experiential platform that turns a simple PR trip into a memorable brand journey, resonating with the press long after they've returned to their desks.

Amplify Your Brand's Story

PA to Private Family Office, New York

“I've never experienced such a seamless vacation before. The team at Conte are three steps ahead so that all the things I usually must double check were already taken care of. The vacations they plan are beautiful and memorable from start to finish. We will never use anyone else for our travel and private charters.”

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