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View The Northern Lights; Sweden's Hidden Gem

In partnership with Loggers Lodge, we present a 5 star luxury lodge in Swedish Lapland. A home to call your own with 5 kilometres of nature separating the cabin from the nearest neighbourhood, this exclusive retreat offers an uninterrupted view of the Northern lights.


The Northern lights over the Logger's Lodge

The Lodge

Exterior of Logger's lodge

Logger's Lodge is a private eco-luxury wilderness lodge for two with total silence, clean air, and zero light pollution with a 5-star level in all aspects of the guest experience.

Situated in the middle of the forest, the Lodge’s location is ideal for viewing the Northern Lights. A wide range of outdoor activities like Nordic Ski Touring, Horseback Riding, Snowmobiling and Dog Sledding, among others, is led by your private wilderness guide. The clean air and total silence of the surrounding area make this a perfect spot to reconnect with nature.

A wood-fired sauna and outdoor jacuzzi are available for you at any time, day or night. Using ingredients traditional to Swedish Lapland. The chef and copartner Jörgen Drugge will cook organic gourmet meals served directly to your table in the Lodge. Should you need anything during your stay, the Lodge has an iPad from which you can send a message. Your private host, who lives 150 meters away, will be happy to assist you.

Bedroom with a fire place at Logger's Lodge

Back in the day, timber floating was a common way to transport timber. Strategically placed logger’s cabins close to the rivers and streams were built during the late 1800s. It wasn’t until the 1970s and 80s that this method of transporting timber gave way to truck and train transfer. Logger’s Lodge is an original timber cabin with a large central fireplace, that was common for these type of worker homes.

This cabin served as a temporary home for up to 16 loggers at a time, all of whom slept on bunk beds after a hard day’s work. Everyone had a personal cast-iron pan and would sit around the fireplace to cook meals. Rich history is contained in the walls of the cabin, and the pristine natural surroundings hearken to another era.

Today, the Lodge has been carefully renovated to a romantic eco-luxury suite for two. The exterior timber logs are painted in the Swedish traditional Falu red paint, and the interior pine walls are burnt, to emphasise the wood’s beautiful grain. The Bodträskå Stream that once floated timber flows just a stone’s throw away from the Lodge.


Food at Logger’s Lodge

Breakfast items at Logger's Lodge

The cuisine at Logger’s Lodge is an essential part of your stay, and just like the rest of the experience, attention to detail is in focus. Only the finest local produce is used to create traditional Swedish gourmet food of the highest quality. Berries, mushrooms, reindeer, moose, fish, and caviar are all sourced from the surrounding nature and local shops.

All your meals are served directly to your table in the Lodge by your private host, that shares stories about the different ingredients. In case you have dietary restrictions, meals can be adjusted to fit your needs and wishes. If you want to get the most gastronomic experience, we recommend upgrading to the 5-course dinners together with exclusive paired wines.


Northern Lights Photography

Outdoor Jacuzzi watching the northern lights

Learn to photograph the Aurora Borealis and experience the mystery of a dark winter night in the Arctic. The Aurora forecasts will be watched closely to choose the best timing for this during your stay.

The sensor of a camera is more responsive to light than the naked eye and captures more from the night sky. If solar activity is low, a photograph can sometimes be the only way to observe the phenomenon.

You will be equipped with a tripod and DSLR Camera, and also provide step-by-step instruction for capturing the night sky. Take in the vastness of the beautiful Northern Lights, free from light pollution. With 17 km to the closest village, Logger’s is one of the best places in Lapland to experience the Aurora Borealis.


Snowmobile Safari

Someone driving a snowmobile

Feel the sense of freedom together with your partner while driving a quiet and modern 4-stroke snowmobile. The tour starts from the Lodge, and you will discover the snow-covered forest landscape changing around you as you cruise.

You will also ride over pristine frozen lakes and on the majestic Lule River. Driving is easy, all you need is a driving license, and your certified guide will instruct you how it works. With the help of a Snowmobile you can cover vast distances in one day and on this tour you will drive 35km. You can switch driver as you like, and a tasty wilderness lunch is cooked over an open fire.


Dog Sledging

Dog sledging

Experience the rush of driving a team of Alaskan Huskies on this exciting dog sled tour, led by expert musher Kim Jonsson. He will coach you in the art of driving a sled team through the wilderness as you glide silently through the untouched powder of this winter landscape. You may choose to drive your own sled or share one with your partner.

At the frozen lake your guide prepares lunch over an open fire, take some memorable photographs and cuddle with the dogs.



All words & imagery courtesy of The Logger's Lodge

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