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Luxury Croatia Holidays

Boasting more than 1000 islands and almost 6000km of azure coastline a luxury holiday in Croatia can offer a unique experience, especially if you are planning to visit locations near the Adriatic Sea. Croatia embodies the long stretch of endless summer days that all luxury Croatia holidays promise. Explore the strikingly beautiful islands, uninhabited coves and secret beaches aboard private yacht charter as you sail the calm waters of the yet to be discovered coastline, and some of Europe’s most luxury beaches and harbours. The Dalmatian coast also offers a range of luxury boutique hotels for a summer holiday never to forget. Foodies in the region enjoy a private chef on board or indulge in the country’s first Michelin star restaurant, Monte, in Rovinj, Croatia’s fishing port and jewel of the Adriatic Sea. Sample the renowned Istrian orange wine and locally produced olive oil.


For those more historically inclined, Croatia’s capital, Dubrovnik, is a playground of Baroque and Renaissance churches, monasteries and monuments set within the city walls. In the afternoon, unwind with a private wine and cheese tasting at Dingač Skaramuča, exploring nutty locally farmed cheeses and wines from nearby vineyards.


Head in land to discover the beautiful landscapes and the capital Zagreb, offering a wide variety of cultural activities and beautiful architecture. Just beyond Zagreb lies one of Croatia’s most outstanding areas of natural beauty; the UNESCO World Heritage-listed site of the Plitvice Lakes National Park with 16 different lakes connected by waterfalls.

With so much to explore it is easy to see why Croatia is such an exquisite place to relax with its blend of crystalline waters and exclusive island-life.


Words by Kiri Nowak

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