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Italy | Amalfi Coast Lemons

A Step into Culture

Our fine dining experiences offer you exclusive access to elusive tables at the most celebrated restaurants. Each visit is enhanced by unique insights from the chef, exquisite cuisine, breath-taking ambience and irreplaceable quality time with family or guests. Hard to get tables, or discovering the unsung food heroes of a destination; our travel concierge team takes care of it all.

Discover the world of beekeeping, discover how lemon is used in the production of limoncello and honey and taste different wines from the best cellars of the Amalfi Coast. Meet a celebrated local chefs and enjoy a hands on cooking experience - light hearted, deeply enjoyable and full of fun tastings and local passion. Sit down to a lunch of Lemon Risotto, followed by sampling Limoncello liqueur against the back drop of the blue Amalfi coastline.

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