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Exploring Lisbon’s Baked Delicacies

"Breaking Bread"

To the belief of some, the Latin origin of the word ‘companion’ comes from the joining of the words "with" (com) and "bread" (panis). If one takes this literally, then the act of companionship means to be "with bread". Here at Conte, whilst exploring Lisbon's baked delicacies, we want our clients to ‘break bread’ with family and strangers alike and forge long-lasting connections with the locations they visit, the people they meet, and those we travel with.

the sun rises over a cathedral rooftop in Lisbon in the foreground
a close up photo of plain and seeded break in a straw basket in front of a blue wall

Visit the early morning bakeries of Lisbon to catch the first batch of Bolo de Caco, a fluffy Madeiran flatbread which is believed to be Arab in origin. Taking its name from the piece of tile it was traditionally cooked on - the ‘caco’ in Portuguese - this bread is a delightful combination of sweet potato, flour, salt, and yeast. As the city wakes up, the smell of this soft and slightly sweet, delicious bread hints at the day of delicious food that awaits it. Served with garlic butter and eaten anytime there is something distinctly comforting; familiar and yet completely unique about this special ancient bread. 

A stone's throw away another ancient kingdom was perfecting their own rendition of the delight, in the form of an early Schiacciata. In modern day Italy, there is no better or more indulgent way to spend your day than learning the art of kneading the perfect Schiacciata dough. Brother to its bread-sister, Focaccia, and originating in the rolling hills of Maremma, Tuscany - this flat, moreish bread is best drizzled with olive oil and salt and will often appear as the frontrunner to any Italian meal.

Exploring Lisbon's Baked Delicacies

There is something deceivingly easy about making this, and yet, as Conte has discovered, it is hard to perfect - but of course, it’s the breaking and sharing which is at the heart of this bread. Discover this classic Italian bake with a cold, crisp Tuscan Chianti, a beautiful view at one of Conte’s secret gem restaurants, and the finest company.


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