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To discuss how we can best serve your Private Charter needs, start by completing the form and one of our VIP Flight Team will be in contact within 24 hours.

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The Only Private Jet Card With Dedicated
Travel Club Membership


Private Jet Card

The Conte Club Private Jet-Plan™ is the only Jet Card of choice for travellers who want to access the best available rates and a preferred choice of Private Jet without a capital investment or hidden costs. Our Jet Card is the only fully curated Travel Club Membership with a Private Jet Card Program. Proudly delivered in collaboration with leading global aircraft charter specialists, and Private Jet Owners. Our Jet Card is enhanced by Travel Club Membership as standard, with flexibility, transparency and personalised service.

Fly Private On Demand

You don't need to be a member of our Jet Card Club to Fly Private with The Conte Club. Whether you  travel infrequently or simply want to plan your flights on an ad-hoc basis we are delighted to extend the highest client care to design and deliver your private charter needs.  

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How the Jet Plan™ Works

Our Private Jet Card is used by travellers who fly frequently but want to avoid a large capital outlay.

Each Jet Plan™ is tailored to the requirements of the client. 

How your Jet Plan™ hours are used is determined by your own needs and preferences.

Your Jet Plan™ hours never expire and can be rolled across years.


Transparent Jet Plan™ Membership Fees.

Monthly statements reflect your exact charges, no average hours used or estimated costs.

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Jet-Plan™ Benefits

Entry Level Travel Club Membership as standard.​

Dedicated Conte Club Account Manager and specialist Flight Team 24/7/365.

Your choice of Jet from an unmatched fleet of Global Aircraft (with as little as 24 hours notice).

Your Jet-Plan™ can be used flexibly for both Private & Business travel. No average costs - we work with actual rates and transparent fees.

Competitive rates for regular routes and preferred rates on all other journeys.

Flexible cancellation terms by always keeping the client in mind.

Preferred Aircraft type prioritised. Responsive Aircraft recovery.​

Complimentary aircraft upgrades where possible.

Priority Fleet access as standard.​

Live flight tracking updates shared with friends, family & private/corporate office.

Contact Us

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For all Partnership enquiries please click HERE

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